Workshops registration links will be posted soon.

Whine and Cheese Hour 

Lets be honest raising a children at times can feel more like a hostage negotiation with circus clowns than an idyllic Pinterest ready moment. Stop in Coco’s Cottage to meet with others who understand and just want to laugh together about the joys of parenting. 

Complimentary cheese & crackers with seasonal fruit provided. 

Children’s Show and Tell  (FREE)

Let’s all gather together in Coco’s Cottage to watch the excitement in a timeless classic Show and Tell. Maybe it’s a teddy, a picture, something they created or learned about. Show and Tell can encourage a sense of pride and instill confidence in your little one. 

(Show and Tell items for ages 3 + up must be safely secured with an adult before and after Show and Tell for safety concerns.)


New Mom

A safe place to gather and get real about motherhood. Sleepless nights, Google-ing yourself crazy, the constant surprises (and spit-ups) and all the sweet moments between. A great way to meet new moms in your area, aka lifelines in these first months. Don’t be shy we are all in this together

New Dad

Wasn’t this supposed to be all cigars and high fives? Welcome to fatherhood, it’s full of surprises and devoid of sleep. This is a great way to find other new dads who are also just as proud of their new role despite being completely exhausted and confused. 

Transplant Parents 

There are many challenges when beginning a family and for those who are new or even not so new to MN,  separation from lifelong friends and family adds an interesting twist. Ease your homesick heart by meeting new friends and other transplant parents.

Older Sibling Meet Up

It’s not easy bring an elementary child to a place that is focused on littler ones. In our meet up come safely in Cocos Cottage we will have games and drawing supplies etc for the older kids to just escape and meet other kids who have to play the older sibling role too. Great bonus for the parents too! Two or more kids happy. When does that happen?

Grandparents Meet Up 

Your family tree is growing again. And your kindness and support are  nurturing its roots. Come wear that proud Nana shirt or Grandpa hat, feel welcomed and meet others who are just as in love with their grandchildren as you are with yours.

Multiples Meet Up 

We’ve heard it is twice the work but twice the loving reward. Come share with others parents of multiples, and enjoy a break as the kids play.  We will try to make extra accommodations for stroller exceptions Multiples meet ups events.