Hi! We’re Bryan and Jennie of White Bear Lake and we are are the people behind Wishing Tree. We love kids and get what the day-to-day of caring for kids really looks like. Trust us, we raised 5 boys, yes, you read that right, F I V E boys. Many years deep in the trenches have given us great wisdom and comical humility in parenting. We believe families crave a place to gather and grow, meet new friends, and make lasting memories. That feeling from the heart is why we created The Wishing Tree here in Minnesota.


Between the two of us we have over 25 years of experience in the food service, special events, childcare and children’s learning and enrichment experience. We brought our two passions together to open Wishing Tree. It feels like the what we were meant to do!

Bryan has over 25 years experience in food service and special events. This unique business experience allows him to be surrounded by families gathered together, smiles all day long. It is his hope to bring those same smiles and sounds of laughter to The Wishing Tree.

Jennie has 8 years experience working with children and guiding enrichment classes. She hopes to bring a love of learning and everlasting curiosity to our community. She also has 10 years food service experience. However, as the older kids got older, and two more babies came along, her career became family focused. There she gained a whoooollllle new perspective on task management and the inspiration for Wishing Tree.