Wishing Tree For Sale

Dear Wishing Tree Families,

We’re asking for your understanding and a bit of grace as we share the news that our doors will soon be closing for good if we’re unable to find a short-sale buyer for The Wishing Tree.

We’ve been honest and open with you all from the start, so today is no exception. You’ve become a second family to us. The truth of the matter is that some of the greatest things in life don’t last as long as we’d like. The Wishing Tree Play Café is one of those things we’ll all miss very soon. While the decision to close was a heartbreaking one to make, it was one we had to accept. After putting everything we had into the café for more than a year and a half, we have made the decision to attempt to sell The Wishing Tree, so we can recalibrate our priorities and refocus our attention on what matters most…the health and well-being of our five children.

We invite you all to a final play date before we close our doors for the last time. Please come over to enjoy the play space, fresh food and friendship. We are uncertain exactly what date our doors will close, but we know it will be soon, and wanted to give you as much time as possible to play for a bit and redeem outstanding punch passes and gift cards.

Additionally, if you know an interested buyer, please send them our way via Calhoun Companies at kap@calhouncompanies.com or (651) 503-3542. Our greatest hope at this juncture is that we can find a buyer who will carry on the Wishing Tree’s spirit of community and fun.

I want to applaud our staff for all they have done and given to our community. They have poured their hearts into creating a magical place that’s like home away from home. Kudos, team.

It’s the memories we make and the relationships we build that pull us through the toughest times in life. At the Wishing Tree, that’s certainly proven to be true. From our families to yours, we thank you for the support and love you’ve shared. We are so very grateful to have had the unique honor and opportunity to serve such amazing families in our community, because in all the chaos of this busy world, we saw you all slow down and actually connect together.

As always, thanks for coming over,

Jennie Enloe
The Wishing Tree Play Café

Wishing Tree Play Cafe
1011 Meadowlands Dr Suite 2
White Bear Lake, MN